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108 Days Left in the Year

I got an email this morning that there were a 108 days left in the year and I had a big realization. I have a lot of time to get a bunch of shit done so I made a list…. Continue Reading →

Walter Scott and the What ifs…

  What if there was no video?  The man that took the video could have been too afraid to film or maybe he took off and ran. We would have had another Michael Brown. A bunch of speculation and no… Continue Reading →

Illuminati Is An Excuse For Haters

PLEASE STOP WITH ALL THIS ILLUMINATI TALK…It was all started by someone hating on another man because they were on top. Nothing gets on my nerves more than someone hating especially if it’s a person of the same ethnic background. I mean haven’t we… Continue Reading →

Welcome To #FACEBOOK

In the midst of the comeback of Myspace, Facebook has once again stripped them of their surge. Myspace has just spent $20 Million dollars to relaunch and even had Justin Timberlake invest. So, today Facebook reports that they will now… Continue Reading →

Hottest Celebrity Fathers: Happy Father’s Day

Since father’s day is near, I thought I would do something to say happy father’s day while keeping my core audience (Ladies) happy at the same time. So here we are….HOTTEST CELEBRITY DADS!!! In no particular order I named 5… Continue Reading →

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