Solaé Dehvine is a 21st century author of, the eBook Carry Yourself Like a Lady, Fuck Like a Porn Star, What’s Done in the Dark,

Passionate Desires and her debut novel Freaks Cum Out. She also is the owner of the best sex blog site online SexMentality, which is asite full of blogs, erotic miniseries, and eye catching pictures.

Solaé Dehvine has quickly made a name for herself in the short one year span of her literary career. Solaé started her journey in 2010 after she created SexMentality because the lack of written sexual content online  and a way to branch out to potential fans. Her desire to reach out to millions with her gift to write fueled the creation. With the rise of SexMentality she started writing short stories which later turned into miniseries that are now published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashword.

Solaé Dehvine is known for her erotic stories and her fearless talks about subjects referring to sex. She also has a canny ability to create a drama filled story line with great character development.

More than an author, Solaé is an entertainer, intellect, and most importantly a woman of genuine personality. She can be seen on youtube with her show Solae Serenade where she talks about current events and words of encouragement.

Solaé Dehvine continues to work on her craft and become a great writer. Solaé is currently doing promotion work for her novel Freaks Cum Out, and working on season 2 of What’s Done in the Dark and Passionate Desires.