Were out of Cuffing Season my friends. Yep, that comfy time when we lay up is over and were getting into the summer with new relationships and friends. LOL J/K Cuffing Season only exists in my books right 😉.

Its great to meet new people but as you adopt new friendships become aware of those that want to suck your energy. It’s hard to tell in the beginning if you are meeting someone genuine or one that is seeking to exhaust your mind of all energy.


The body is made up of electrical connections. Literally there are small currents of electricity running through your heart allowing it to beat. You have fatty acids, basically oil in your body that allows the conduit through which these electrical currents travel and lastly there is water. The body is made up of at least 60% water. What does all of this mean? We are basically alkaline batteries. We need energy to live and function and if we are giving our energy, time, and abilities to a negative or unfruitful situation we are essentially wasting our lives.



 1. They have constant Drama

Everyday there is something new with them. A problem, an issue, and of course we all have problems but this person is a constant funnel of negativity. They always want to talk about it, get your opinion, and drown out your mind with what they have going on. And nothing is more contagious than negativity and drama.


2. They always want to argue

Out of nowhere simple things turn into an argument with this person. Arguments that are fruitless and are at the basic points about nothing. This is a time sucker and a drain of all your emotions. If taken too far only leads to negative situations like violence.

You want to avoid this because if a situation can’t be talked out as two adults then constant arguing will only lead to trouble.


3. They can’t stand to see you relaxed.

Whenever you are relaxing or enjoying life they either get mad or have a negative statement. Again, this only leads to the cycle of arguing, drama, and more stealing of your time. And threatening your joy is nothing but another way to diminish your energy.


OVERALL, we only have a limited time on this earth. All of this is temporary but we don’t push those thoughts to the back of our mind so we don’t function with impending doom. But, I think we should think about our dwindling amount of time as a positive. That means that we should make every second count that much more. And with people sucking your energy and wasting your time you are essentially giving them a priceless item. Because you can get more of any other resource but time lost, is time you will never get back.

Guard your energy and time. There are 235 Days until 2018.



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