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Walter Scott and the What ifs…

  What if there was no video?  The man that took the video could have been too afraid to film or maybe he took off and ran. We would have had another Michael Brown. A bunch of speculation and no… Continue Reading →

What’s Done in the Dark…FREE

Hi All, Just letting you all know that What’s Done in the Dark is free on iTunes.     Enjoy!

Prostitute or Entrepreneur

You meet a girl and she has everything. The cars, clothes, jewels, and hair stays laid. One problem..she fucks and sucks for cash!! Well damn, what do you do? She seems cool, she has her own but does it matter… Continue Reading →

Bad Guys get the most Pussy..and its our fault

“I want a thug I don’t want a ‘regular’ guy.” YES there are women that actually say that. Until they discover that thugs don’t go to parent teacher conferences, plan for retirement, or make good homes. Meanwhile Mr. Nice Guy… Continue Reading →

Top Character Flaws People Miss When Dating

Dick and Pussy..the great struggle of our lives. But somewhere in there we get dickmatized and pussy whipped so much that we forget about reasoning and logic. Thats why I’m here. Let me show you a few of the character… Continue Reading →

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