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Shades of the Projects: Part 1

  Shades of the Projects: Part 1  

BWWM from Black Authors

A few weeks ago I read a post about BWWM books (Black Woman White Man romance books) that an author felt were being exploited by white authors.  The author of this blog was pissed that some white authors were using… Continue Reading →

Ferguson, Baltimore, Watts, Boston Tea Party…All Riots

Every riot starts as an injustice, a protest, then when no one is heard it turns to a riot.  Let me tell you why the riots in Ferguson (Saint Louis Mo), Baltimore, Watts, and even the Boston Tea Party are… Continue Reading →

Low Down Lies: Part 1 Mr. and Mrs. Athens

          Part 1   The windshield wipers worked side to side clearing the way from the downpour as I sped down the highway. I honked my horn moving people out of the way I as I… Continue Reading →

Walter Scott and the What ifs…

  What if there was no video?  The man that took the video could have been too afraid to film or maybe he took off and ran. We would have had another Michael Brown. A bunch of speculation and no… Continue Reading →

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